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 “With the arrival of the New Year comes a fresh crop of accompanying 2020 wedding trends. Couples are making each aspect of the wedding uniquely their own, meaning sentimental colour palettes that … reflect your one-of-a-kind love story. Welcome to a dazzling new decade.” TheKnot.com

The prediction Gurus has spoken, it’s been hash-tagged and Instagrammed and gazillions of new brides will look at the 2020 trends as inspiration to their wedding.

To me, the best part is the focus on being yourself – the un-weddingness of it all. After all, conscious living and sustainability should not be a trend to come and go – it should be a lifestyle. 


So what exactly is a “grazing table”, you may wonder. This catchy new term has already gathered a 153% increase in searches, Pinterest reports.  Good Housekeeping explains it online as follows: ”These spreads also called feasting tables, are great because they let guests casually mingle over drinks and bites as they pick on meat, cheeses, fruits, and other simple finger-foods.”

With grazing tables, guests do not necessarily have assigned seating and can choose to mingle more freely. But the main focus is on pecking on delicious morsels and not having to fight through a heaped plate of overcooked Sunday roast look-a-likes. With the right creative input, these tables can also be a feast for the eyes.

Grazing tables lend themselves to the next trend: Mix and match wedding furniture and mismatched tables:


Gone are the days of x-number of round tables with a wedding buffet set-up. Tables can now be mixed and matched, round with square, long harvest tables with cocktail versions and even “snaked” table shapes. The trend is to keep it informal and quirky.

Your table configuration may be controlled by the size of your venue, but I feel super-excited about this new trend and hope that all venues fully embrace this.


Hallelujah – I hear you say. It’s about time that the one size and one colour fits all bridesmaid trend gets kicked into orbit. 2020 honours the female shape – in whatever size it may come. 2020 understands that you may feel more comfortable in a jumpsuit than a dress. And 2020 is OK with it.

Riding the crest of the wave with this trend is a UK company called Rewritten.

Launched in 2016 by friends and ex-work colleagues Katie Arnott and Frances Cooks, the collection features 10 flattering styles available in 11 colours and from UK sizes 6 to 30. Two new colours – Forest and Ink – have recently been added to the palette, and fits nicely in with the 2020 trends for Navy tuxes and jackets for the guys.

The best part? It’s part of the sustainable clothing movement and can be worn again, after the wedding.


I used to hate my navy school uniform. Little did I know that it would become the most flattering colour in my staple wardrobe in later years.

“It is more forgiving than black, less harsh and carries with it a subtle whiff of sophistication,” Kate Phelan, contributing fashion editor at Vogue, describes this universal neutral colour. “It stripes better than any other colour, and looks both classic and sharp at the same time.”

Yves Klein, a French Artist in post-war Europe, favoured monochromatic art – especially blue. He was heard saying: “Blue has no dimensions.” Even Christian Dior believed “Navy is the only colour that compete with black.”

Look out for Groomsmen in 2020 looking sauve in their navy jackets.


The edible floral trend falls neatly in two categories – one being the obvious decoration of salads and food items, but my favourite use must be the way it adds glamour to the bleakest drinks.

Knowing your edible flowers is essential and probably best left to the experts. Did you know that Nasturtiums has a spicy edge, and it’s good for salads or savoury tarts? The innocent Marigolds surprisingly has a minty flavour to it and is best served with desserts. Hibiscus, on the other hand, has a Cranberry-like flavour with citrus overtones.

Want to delve deeper into this? Then have a look at the website of Durban-based Blackwoods. It’s loaded with interesting info on the do’s and don’ts of edible flowers.

Pretty food and pretty drinks are trending strongly – also the self-serving aspect of it.


Self-serve drinks save on bar staff and engage wedding guests. All plus points. My all-time favourite is still the Gin truck or Bubbly truck. What more can a girl want at her wedding? Or parked in her driveway?

Gin is still trending and the newer Gin on Tap is all the rage. So is Bubbly on tap – as a serious bubbly lover I cringe slightly by the thought of having it on tap, it feels like sacrilege to me, but as a gimmick, it works like a charm.

TapThat – a Proudly SA company – not only provides Gin and Bubbly on tap but adds to their list of lovelies also Ciders, Beers, Brandy and even non-alcoholic drinks. Their party essentials even include Garnish packs (let’s keep it pretty and edible) cleaning services and party activities.


With weddings becoming more un-wedding like by the year, it’s no surprise that entertainment at these matrimonial unions is being considered essential. Like any good party, something needs to keep the guests amused.

Insider.com reports: “The average guest count has been decreasing over the past year, but we’re seeing the spending-per-guest increase. What it means is that couples are really thinking about the guest experience.”

“Magicians, sketch artists, fire throwers can all increase the fun the guest has at the wedding, making it a priority for couples.” The Knot refers to these moments as “amenity basket upgrades.”

I recently met Alan Simpson who draws caricatures and cartoons at events. This talented guy doesn’t need a lot of space, draws on A3 and A4 sheets and believes that the drawn caricatures make for great personalised wedding gifts. If guests are not being drawn, they watch the magic unfold – interactive wedding entertainment at its best.



The 2020 wedding trend report published by The Knot, highlights the fact that the move towards environmentally friendly living and sustainability trickles down into weddings:

“Sustainable weddings are on the rise and we’re here for it. Consider “upcycling” your wedding, by committing to zero waste or a reduced carbon footprint. A lighter version of this 2020 wedding trend includes resetting a family stone or heirloom engagement ring, repurposing ceremony florals, sourcing locally grown food or hiring vendors who also prioritize sustainability.”

Locally, Celebration.co.za has a handy checklist of how to make your wedding more eco-friendly

My absolute favourite is the confetti replacement. This is a neat thing to take to DIY level if you have enough time, a punch, bored relatives or are busy watching a series on Netflix:


Are you getting 10/10?

  1. Give guests a gift of seeds in recycled brown paper packets as a wedding favour or consider using pot plants on your wedding tables and invites guests to take them home with them at the end of the reception.
  2. Replace your name tags on tables with pebbles from your closest beach that can be taken home by your guests or put back where they were found.
  3. Consider making use of recyclable serviettes.
  4. When making use of paper for your menus, invitations or other wedding stationery, opt for recycled paper.
  5. Consider having the wedding outside during the day – this reduces the amount of electricity used for lighting.
  6. Go paperless – send out email invitations and set up a website where all information can be provided to your guests. Alternatively, opt for seeded paper that guests can plant in their gardens to “give back”.
  7. Use “green” suppliers – from the jeweller who sources stones responsibly and ethically, to the bar services and caterer who’s all about fair trade and recycling.
  8. Choose the right venue – eco-friendly venues aren’t all that hard to find these days, and this will help set the tone for an all-out green wedding.
  9. Reuse and recycle – get in touch with other brides and see if you can find elements like a wedding dress or décor that you can reuse. After the wedding, donate these elements to a charity to keep the cycle going.
  10. Local is always lekker – support fair trade businesses in your area rather than importing and outsourcing supplies and suppliers to other towns and countries.


Are you ready for 2020? Keep it green, keep it beautiful and keep it real!  Blessings for a stunning year ahead!




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