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In this blog we show you how to increase your Twitter following.  Focused on Hotel marketing.


Oooh, let’s check out their Twitter following!


What’s their Twitter handle?


Wait what, they don’t have Twitter?


Let’s move on!


Exactly! Twitter isn’t dead, as can be seen from these amazing Twitter statistics!


So how many followers do you have?


Many hotels can get quite defensive or brush the question off when asked, but here’s the thing, you can’t dismiss your Twitter follower count as a vanity metric.


A higher Twitter following means more influence in your industry and also signifies that your audience, leads and customers are all interested in your content.


Social media statistics show that nearly half of all marketers cite Twitter as their go-to platform for customer engagement.


Due to its fast-paced and simple nature, Twitter is probably the easiest social platform to grow your following from scratch.


Not sure how?


Here Are 4 Ways To Grow Your Hotel’s Twitter Following:


1. More is More


Maximise your Hotel brand awareness on Twitter and increase your following with these steps


Unlike other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter requires a more aggressive strategy.

To reach the sweet spot and maximise engagement, brands should aim to send out between three and seven tweets a day. Some hotels tweet as often as 20 times per day, but that is industry dependent.


Do your research to see what is best for your business.


However, when in doubt, Tweet more.


There is no such thing as too much on Twitter.


Want to know the best part?


You don’t have to focus on promoting yourself on Twitter and the content options are endless.


You can retweet hospitality related news, statistics, infographics and videos, breaking news and so much more.


Your hotel should have a constant stream of Tweets and threads which shows potential followers that you are active, interactive, engaging and hopefully, worth following.


With scheduling apps like Later and Hootsuite, managing your content is easier and less cumbersome.


2. Your Hotel Should Make Use of Visual Content


As you probably already know, social media content with visuals receives more likes, shares and comments than those without.


This is the same for Twitter.


Hotels need to pay attention to this and strive to add visuals to their tweets. Why don’t you take a look at our page @UmthunziHotel to see what we mean.


There is nothing wrong with text-based tweets, but including images will stop serial scrollers in their tracks and entice them to view and interact with your oh so interesting post.


A colourful blog post preview like this one can also do the trick:


Use the blog to increase your hotel's twitter following


Using GIFs and memes has also become common practice and can give the brand a bit of personality.


Hotel Twitter Following


Did you know that infographics are shared three times more than any other forms of media on Twitter?


Go on, share that compelling data with the world!


3. Hello #Hashtag 


When you think of a hashtag, what comes to mind?


Hashtags make your posts searchable and they are a form of SEO for your Twitter page.


Recent studies and statistics on how to use hashtags show that tweets with at least one hashtag receive 12.6% more engagement than tweets without them.


Throwing in a couple of hashtags to your tweets is an easy way to increase the likelihood of new followers finding your Twitter account.


You can use industry-related hashtags such as #hotel #seasidehotel #beachhotel #conferenceonthecoast #eventplanning which are ideal for your more serious and professional content.


To lighten the mood, you can play with community hashtags like #motivationalmonday or #throwbackthursday.


4. Optimise Your Profile


Remember to optimise your profile in Twitter.  Another way to increase your following.


With the introduction of bots, and with almost 15% of tweets suspected to be bots, hotels need to make sure that they sound human.


Apart from an aggressive and diverse Twitter strategy, there are a few other steps that you can take to make your profile friendlier.


Here are three ways how you can optimise your profile to increase your Twitter following:


  1. Keep it clean to keep them keen – according to the psychology of social photos, an unobstructed facial photo is ideal if you aren’t using a high-res brand logo.
  2. Make sure your profile is complete by using the relevant tags, industry keywords, location, what you do, where you operate and what services you provide.
  3. Showcase your personality – a little humour or quirkiness can go a long way in showing some personality.


Growing your hotels Twitter following isn’t going to happen overnight.


There are many factors that will play a role in this, namely;


  • How your hotel plans and schedules its content.
  • How your hotel plans its content strategy.
  • How your hotel engages with followers and reaches out to potential followers.
  • Your hotel’s profile optimisation.


Start with these 4 steps that we discussed above and be consistent and you are guaranteed to see results.


The key to this and to most social media is consistency and to authentically showcase your hotel’s personality.


What other techniques have you used to grow your Twitter following? Leave us a comment below.


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