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The Easter break is just a hop away and families all over are getting ready for their beach holidays and to enjoy the last few weeks of sunshine! But before those holidays can take place, you have got to do the dreaded PACKING! This is sometimes the most stressful part of a holiday and can make you forget all about that idyllic getaway. It is even more stressful if you are a parent and you are packing for family holidays.

Here are 5 tips for stress-free packing for family holidays to make sure that your holiday starts off smoothly:

Make a list

family holidays

This may seem a bit admin heavy, but writing down all the items that you and your family will need will make the packing easier. List the clothes, toiletries, foods and other essentials down so that when you get to the cupboard, you know what you need. Remember to stick to the list – this will ensure that you don’t overpack and that you don’t forget anything. If you are packing for your kids or others as well, make a list for everyone.


Have a bag for everyone

family holidays

Although it may be tempting to let the kids share a bag or for you and your partner to share one, it is easier if everyone has their own. There is less chaos and it is more organized. The family should share one medicine bag, and the kids can share one between themselves, and if possible, buy travel size toiletries that you can use up and not have to bring back home.


Roll it up

A common problem when packing for family holidays is space! Rolling your clothes rather than folding or laying them flat, will give you more space and allow you to squeeze other things in, in the nooks and crannies of your bag. Rolling your clothes also means that they will be less creased and may not need to be ironed out.


Buy what you can at your destination

family holidays

Try and pack a few of your essentials and get the rest at the destination. Look up the closest shops to where you will be staying and give them a call or check online if they have everything that you will need. This will make the journey more comfortable as there will be more space in the car if you are driving and it is more efficient.


Transitional clothes

Try pack outfits that are versatile and that can be worn multiple times, in different ways. Take scarves, pashminas and other statement pieces that can turn a casual outfit into a formal one. Carry tracksuits and jackets for the kids in the car so that they can just throw it over their outfits if there is a change in weather.

Just follow these simple tips and your holiday is sure to get off to a smooth and happy start. Get packing and we hope to see you on the South Coast this Easter!

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family holidays

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