Winter Wedding on the KZN South Coast

There is a myth out there that summer weddings are better than winter ones. This blog post will dispel that myth and give you 7 reasons as to why you should have a winter wedding on the KZN South Coast.

Although summer weddings can be lots of fun, there are a few unglamourous concerns that one usually doesn’t take into consideration. Being hot and sweaty in your wedding dress, guests getting tired and grumpy from sitting in the sun, flowers drying out quite quickly and sometimes having limited menu options to choose from. All of these can be averted and there are solutions, but if you have a winter wedding on the South Coast, you wouldn’t have to worry about those concerns. 


Here are 7 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding on the KZN South Coast




Whilst the winter temperatures on the South Coast are quite pleasant and comfortable, you can still go for the cosy and cuddly wedding look. Winter wedding dressing means layers, cardigans, faux fur, and boots. A cooler temperature means you have more options for your dress, more options for your bridal party attire, and more ways to stay warm instead of sweating through your expensive gown during the summer months. Long sleeves wool suits, and chic cashmere hats and scarves. You can also achieve glam status with a classic and timeless winter makeup look—such as red lips and black eyeliner. Warmer materials also tend to be rich in texture and give off a more regal and sophisticated look. On the contrary, because the South Coast doesn’t experience severe winters, you can also pull off a summer dress and use a light cardigan over. Having your winter wedding on the South Coast will allow you a lot of freedom with your outfits.


Better photos


Winter Wedding on the KZN South Coast

Winter backdrops, especially on a beach, are scenic and make for great backdrops for wedding photos. A cooler but comfortable temperature, which you find in places like the KZN South Coast, also brings a more comfortable bride and groom. The South Coast has paradise like weather almost all year round, with no wind, frost or rain in the pre-winter and winter months. It is the perfect wedding weather. This makes for far better expressions, complexions, and genuine enjoyment during the photo shoot. Even if the two of you have to cuddle close together for warmth during the outdoor shots, it will likely feel more natural than a sweaty, posed picture. This is another great reason to have a winter wedding on the South Coast, as you will treasure those photos forever.


More choice


Winter Wedding on the KZN South Coast

In South Africa, summer is still the preferred time to host a wedding, this makes winter an off-peak wedding season. With it being off peak, you will have a greater choice of vendors, venues, caterers and anyone else you may need. You won’t need to wait months or on a waiting list for anything or be in competition with other couples to get certain vendors. The off-peak season will also result in costs being lower.


Flowers stay fresh


Unlike in summer, flowers will be likely to stay fresh and keep their poise for photos, all day.


Comfort food


Winter Wedding on the KZN South Coast

Winter is generally a time of indulgence and feasting which means you can serve an array of winter delights at your wedding. Hearty soups, gamey meats, mash potatoes, and desserts are sure to go down well. Let’s not forget the winter cocktails—the hot toddy, spiced eggnog, and mulled apple cider bring additional winter charm to the table. With the moderate winter on the KZN South Coast, you can also serve more summery dishes if you will as the in between weather allows for it. Venues like Umthunzi have an on-site restaurant that will be able to assist with your catering needs. A guest with a full stomach is a happy guest!




Winter Wedding on the KZN South Coast

There are great timeless themes and decor options that can only be used in Winter. Rich, velvety and bold colours like purple, navy blue, and golds; crystals, candles, and seasonal bouquets are just some of the decor options that are ideal for winter.




Since summer and spring weddings are awfully common, there is a great chance that people won’t be able to attend your wedding as they may have another one on. People are also generally more active in summer and there is more to do, so they may have other plans for your wedding day. You can expect a higher attendance rate for a winter wedding. Another thing to consider is guest burn out. In the summer months, guests may have attended a few other weddings and could possibly not be up for another one. Having your winter wedding on the KZN South Coast will also allow guests coming from other areas of SA to get away from the blistering cold in their area and have a little holiday as well.

There are countless other reasons as to why you should consider a winter wedding on the South Coast, but we are certain that these 7 reasons are enough to convince you. We wish you all the best with your winter wedding wonderland and hope that you chose the South Coast to have your dream destination wedding in. 


Winter Wedding on the KZN South Coast


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