9 Ways to personalise your wedding

by | Nov 5, 2020


You want your wedding day to be as unique as you are. “Because you worth it”, as the jingle echoes in the background. With wedding guest numbers still being limited by lockdown regulations, you will be right on trend having a smaller, more intimate wedding with loads more attention to detail. Less wedding guests mean more budget available to personalise your wedding and making it truly memorable.


  1. Send personalised wedding invitations.
  2. Pick a wedding venue that suits your personality.
  3. Fun signage.
  4. Photo Place Cards.
  5. Monograms.
  6. Napkin notes.
  7. Customize your wine.
  8. Serve signature drinks.
  9. Create an electronic photo wall.

Umthunzi Hotel Wedding Special 2021 


1. Send personalised wedding invitations

Bless our courier services who have turned out to be a saving grace during the lockdown. Make use of your favourite courier and send personalised wedding invitations.


Yes, we know that E-invites are so easy, but how special do you feel when a personalised handwritten wedding invitation is delivered to your door? This opens the door to creative invites with texture, collages, and embellishments one just don’t have with an electronic invite. Perhaps as a couple, you love the beach – include seashells tied with raffia to your invite. Or maybe you find yourselves in the serenity of the Bushveld – a twig or feather pasted to the invited just adds a personal touch.


2. Pick a wedding venue that suits your personality

The venue chosen for your wedding says so much about your personality. Choose a venue that reflects who you are. This could be a friendly, family hotel close to the beach, a rustic barn in the middle of nowhere, or an industrial space in town.


Exotic venues come with their own set of challenges as you will likely be called upon to arrange your own furniture, catering, linen, and maybe even portable loos.  Be clever about this and create your personalised look in your favourite venue where all the operational bells and whistle are none of your concern – it just happens flawlessly.


3. Fun signage

Including fun signage is one of the surest ways to personalise your wedding and include quirky details and messages.


The options are endless: indicate seating arrangements with a fun sign, explain your gin and tonic bar, let the ring bearer wear a cute message, provide detail of the food options and food stations, and have hilarious moments in a photo booth.

Directional signs, showing the way to the venue are fun too. All the signage can be framed or block mounted and will become sentimental décor in your first home together.


4. Photo Place Cards

We love the idea of having a photo place card to show guests where they will be sitting, instead of the usual name card.

It engages your wedding guests on many levels  – not only in providing suitable pics (or you can grab those off the internet) but also in finding their seating.  Create a large photo wall where each guest provides a photo with the two of you in it.


5. Monograms

Play around with designs to create the ultimate monogram with your initials. Incorporate this in your wedding detail, embroider or print this on your napkins, make sure it is included in your seating plan signage, and have the monogram embroidered into his jacket and your dress.

You will be forgiven to think of monograms as old – fashioned designs, but nothing can be further from the truth. Rock your wedding with a modern monogram:

You could even create a stamp with the monogram and have monogrammed wax seals done on invites and place cards. This is something that will become your personal signature going forward and can be included in your own household linen and even gowns.

If you are leaning more toward the traditional monogram look, be inspired by the ideas on Shulerstudios web page which can be searched in alphabetical order:



6. Napkin notes

Since you know exactly who will be sitting where, why not add a handwritten note to each napkin.

Jot down a fond memory that you as a couple have with this person and thank them for adding value to your life. Create it as a bookmark and it will be treasured for a long time still.


7. Customize your wine

Venues often allow corkage on wine and this opens up a lovely opportunity to create your own wine label. Even if the venue does not allow corkage, nothing stops you from labeling the wine for your wedding usage beforehand, with your own unique label. Include a beautiful photo of the two of you, your wedding date, and perhaps a favourite quote.


It is not always possible to get wine bottles without labels and soaking the labels off can be right down tedious. Our recommendation is to paste your label on the back of the bottle – that way guests will still be able to see which wine they are drinking. Don’t be surprised if the empty wine bottles find their way home and become candlestick holders or book props.


We love the wedding wine labels on Etsy.com. Click here for more inspiration or chat with your local signage supplier.


8. Serve signature drinks

Find (or concoct) a signature drink including both your Initials. Let’s say Clair marries Jacques, you may end up with a Champagne cocktail with a dash of Jack Daniels.

Lindani marries Ivy and we have a Long Island Iced tea.  Tom & Susan’s signature drink may be a Tequila Sunrise, while  Ilse & Scott may opt for a delicious Iceberg (Vodka) and Strawberry juice. You see where we are going with this right? Loads of fun and sampling will be had along the way to find the perfect signature cocktail.

9. Create an electronic photo wall.

Not necessarily something that needs to take center stage, but creating an electronic photo book of how both grew up (side by side with split screens) – baby photos, first day at school, teenage moments, early days in the relationship…


It provides a timeline of where you both were and what you were doing as you walked your path alongside and then finally towards each other. It also provides the opportunity to acknowledge loved ones who are no longer with you or to incorporate wedding wishes from people who could not attend the wedding which is often the case with lockdown still prevalent around the world.


Umthunzi Hotel Wedding Special 2021

Umthunzi Hotel has a super wedding special for 2021 which includes all the bells and whistles – you basically just need to show up as they have done all the hard work.


R65 000 for 100 guests

CEREMONY CHAPEL: Wimbledon Chairs | Isle Runner (10m) 2 White Pillars with Standard Flowers each side of Alter | Tie Back on Every 2nd Chair along Isle Runner

RECEPTION: Fairy Lights | Runners or Overlays | Wimbledon Chairs | Fabric Napkins | Standard Plate Liners | Centre Pieces

BRIDAL TOP TABLE (SEATING 2 PEOPLE): Glass Top Table or Standard Table
Runner | Flower Arrangement | Mr & Mrs Sign | Candle Stand or Votives

3 COURSE MEAL: 3 Starters, 3 Mains And 3 Desserts | A Pitcher of Juice per Table | A Toasting Bubbles


WILD FIG OR BELL PALM: 50 People | RESTAURANT OR WILD FIG: 100 People (Both include Chapel)

ACCOMMODATION IN THE HONEYMOON SUITE: The night of the wedding and use of it to get ready on the wedding day

T’s & C’s apply.



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