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by | Sep 3, 2019


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Shopping for bridal accessories can be loads of fun and is a fantastic opportunity to let your personality shine with quirky touches. We all know in today’s Instagram world, your accessories are 90% of your selfie.

While your wedding dress takes top priority when shopping, wedding accessories are an essential part of your whole wedding outfit. Your look – be that Bohemian, classic, countrified or vintage – will determine your choice in accessories. Like a carefully compiled collage, it all adds to the final wow-factor.



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The personalized box bag is certainly trending in 2019 and works beautifully for chic urban weddings. (And it has a bit more space than the traditional wedding clutch).

Personalised box bags are a lot of fun and gifting each bridesmaid with one, pulls the whole look together. Create your wedding date with Roman numerals for an uber-chic look. Shop the look on or

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Must-haves in your wedding clutch includes:

  • Long-wear lipstick
  • Face powder
  • Perfume sample
  • Cell phone
  • Tissues
  • Headache tablets
  • Breath freshener /mints
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Safety pins
  • Plasters


Fortunately, most of the essentials come in travel sizes and will fit in an average size clutch bag. Part of the trend-team? Then your wedding dress will sport pockets and half of the battle will be won. Click here if you missed our international wedding trends article.

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Vintage-inspired bags are having a major moment this season from styles decked in pearls to flapper fringes, according to This must be one of my favourite looks – it’s just so over the top and you will probably never have the opportunity to use it again. But who can resist a fringe and a feather?

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Brides with a conscience, who print eco-friendly wedding menus on plant-able seed paper, have a few Vegan dishes on the menu and really want to recycle their wedding clutch or bag for future use, will love the velvet totes, bamboo and cork options.  Cork clutches and bamboo designs give rustic wedding themes a super-boost and blend beautifully if your wedding theme includes rustic centerpieces, wooden crates, chalkboards, and wooden underplates. My ultimate favourite “something blue” must be this soft velvet bag with a retro purse-clip.

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Need more inspiration for wedding clutches and beautiful bridal bags? Then have a look at the stunning Pinterest Board.





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Dainty and delicate is often what brides go for when choosing wedding shoes. I have a pair of beautiful, once worn, diamantè studded shoes in my cupboard. Never to be worn again.

If I had to do it all over again I would take inspiration from this striking look by Woodsy Elegant Wedding, which took place at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in California. (Pair this look with our Black wedding cake from our 2019 wedding cake trends blog, and you have a super-chic wedding to be envious of).



Brides who rate comfort above pretty and have a rebel streak in them, often choose boots as wedding shoes. If you have ever strolled through a cornfield or sunflower field for those perfect wedding shots, you would wish that you were wearing sensible shoes. Trust me.

If you would love to add a pop of colour to your wedding look, shoes are a great place to start.  Rainy days provide the perfect canvas for fun:

Photo credits | | Schade Images

Does it look like the weather may act up on the day? Get a pair of bright Wellies for the both of you and happily splash in puddles for wedding photos. After all, folklore has it that rain on your wedding day means good luck.







Give a girl the right lingerie and she can conquer the world. Ask any boy over the age over 5 and he will concur.

While lingerie is actually saved for a little later on the wedding day, the actual undergarments worn with your wedding dress may seem a little dull at first. Here practicality trumps sexy.


The colour of your underwear is vitally important to a flawless look. Contrary to popular belief, white is not always the answer as it is quite visible under a white dress. Go for nudes or flesh colours as it blends with your skin.


Lace is lovely, bows are beautiful. But it is less attractive if it shows up as tiny bumps through the fabric of your wedding dress. Keep it seamless and as plain as possible to prevent VPL (Visible Panty Line).


Interesting enough the origin of the word Brassiere dates back to the time of French military wear – a “bracière” was an “arm protector” worn over a soldier’s chest, but this would eventually be applied to a kind of corset worn by women. The French word “brassiere” was gradually shortened to “bra” in the 1930s. (This, of course, has absolutely no relation to the Afrikaans Cape-coloured slang of “Hoe lyk dit my bra?”)

Keep in mind that some wedding gowns have built-in support incorporated into the dress. If natural is your look this would be sufficient, but if you choose to show a bit more cleavage, a strapless bra or padded cups would be wonderful. A plunging neckline and low back require sewn-in cups.

Stick on bras offer coverage, but be warned: if you have been blessed with an ample bosom, this will not work for you.

I have always been cautious of the stick-on’s (the proper term is “Silicone Cleavage Enhancement Cups”).  I cannot imagine a worse embarrassment than finding a little jellyfish-look-alike stick-on, centre of the dance floor after doing the hokie-pokey.

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According to La Senza, 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Fittings at La Senza outlets are for free, or at least study the video contents and instructions below to determine your correct size.

Shapewear  – yes or no?

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I cannot live with the idea of not being able to breathe, eat, sit or being comfortable at a wedding – more so if it’s your own. To me that all equates to shapewear. But apparently, if this is the case, you are wearing shapewear that’s too small for you.

US-Based Shapermint who literally “supports” a community of over 2 million women- are changing the conversation about shapewear:

“Actually, not that many brides wear shapewear to feel slimmer or “tucked-in” – although nobody is complaining about that added bonus. The greatest demand for bridal shapewear comes from the fact that most wedding gowns are made from not-so-forgiving fabrics. Believe it or not, it’s the number one option to avoid creasing and dimpling!”


Photo credit | Smoothe and Slim

Rule of thumb is that an A-line wedding dress does not require Shapewear but if you are wearing a sheath dress as above, it’s a must-have. To find the correct shapewear for your wedding dress style, get some expert advice and recommendations in an article from Shapermint.

With your bags, boots, and bras removed from the wedding to-do list, the last tip is to try it all on before the wedding day. And we literally mean from the underwear to the earrings. This is the last chance you have left to make changes – if anything feels uncomfortable, now is the time to ditch it and move to Plan B.

And if you are wearing stick-on’s, do the chicken dance in the privacy of your bedroom to see if they stay in place.

Better silly than sorry.



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