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So you’ve made it this far, you found her, the not so mythical perfect bride, you managed to convince her that you’re the best man out there, you got her to say yes, you persuaded her parents to give their beloved daughter to you and yet you still feel the need to look up tips on how to be the perfect groom? With that attitude, you are halfway there, man!

Here are some tips on how to bring out your inner gentleman:

Get Involved:

We’re certain that the whole shindig of a wedding doesn’t phase you too much, but it does phase your bride. It is probably one of the most stressful and emotional experiences that she will go through.She is on a quest for perfection and it is your duty to accompany her on this journey and help her achieve this. One of the most obvious but least followed tips is to be involved. Most grooms are under the misconception that the bride waves a wand and voila, wedding is sorted. A successful wedding can take months, if not a year to plan.

It is your duty to sit your bride down and go through all the details of the wedding and draw up a plan together and figure out how you are going to do it and how you are going to make her life easier. Dates, venues, cash bars, cake flavours and gift registries, you need to be apart of it all. If you think certain things aren’t too important, like serviette colours, keep that thought to yourself. Always give input and at times, feign interest if you must. Remember that this is your wedding as well and it is also for you to enjoy. Choose the band, music, guests and menus together. Always ask what needs to be done, plan, follow-up and be organised.

Remember, a wedding is just a large-scale party. Treat it as you would any party; you want to keep guests happy, their tummy’s full and their glasses never empty. Involvement on your part will keep your bride less stressed, will bring you both closer, you will test each other as it will undoubtedly cause a bit of strain, but you will come out a stronger couple.

The Guest List:

perfect groom


This is always a strong point of contention for any event. Be sure to involve her parents, as well as yours and to also be realistic. The ⅓ rule is generally the one that works best. ⅓ of your family, ⅓ of her family and the rest are your friends and her friends. There will definitely be arguments around this; remember to stay calm and rational and to not get walked over. Be firm and be fair.

Sober Up:

Your wedding day should be one of your most cherished memories, not a blurry recollection. Be sure not to go overboard the night before or on the day. Know your limit and keep the drinking to the minimum. Don’t feel pressured by the boys, you are now a man. Be aware, stay alert and take in the moment.

Send her a gift:

perfect groom

Your bride has probably been stressing for months for this day and there may be one or two things that won’t go according to plan on your big day. Surprising her with a gift on your wedding day is a kind and loving gesture. She will feel all the more special and it will reaffirm the love you have for her. It will be a welcomed and pleasant distraction for her as well. Rather than flowers or jewellery, gift her with something more meaningful; a painting of a cherished moment, a pair of shoes with a message on the soles or a puppy. You can’t go wrong with a puppy. Be creative and authentic with your gift.

Get your in men line:

perfect groom

Choose your groomsmen wisely as they will be quite involved on the day and the days leading up to it. Let the guys know the dates and the plans well in advance so that they can plan accordingly, especially the ones travelling in from far. Sort out your outfits timeously so that there is time for alterations if needed. If there are things you need help with, rope your groomsmen in to help. Remember that your groomsmen are a reflection of you, if they behave in an inappropriate manner, you will look bad. They must behave like gentlemen at all times. Be sure to include her brothers in your lineup, this is the polite thing to do. Another big decision to make is on choosing your best man. Your best man should be responsible and respectful towards you and your bride. He should plan a bachelor’s party that doesn’t exceed boundaries and that you are comfortable with. The best man is usually your right hand man as well, he should be aware of the happenings, the who’s who and any other details so that he can help out. He is also entrusted with the ring, so if you trust him with that, you should be good!

Being the gem of a man that you are, you are probably aware of the fact that the wedding is just a one-day event whereas the marriage is a lifetime commitment. The gentleman will never stop trying his best to love, cherish and nurture the relationship with his woman.

Just like your beloved vintage car, your lady needs to be taken out on adventures, she needs to be pampered every so often, her tank needs to be full at all times, you need to have patience with her when she isn’t doing so well and you should never trade her in for a new model.

Marriage is like an app, it can always be updated and upgraded. There are always improvements to be made and bugs to be fixed.

Bro, now that you’re all set to becoming the perfect groom, make sure that you have yourself the perfect bride.


perfect groom

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