fantastic family fishing fun

This week we have a special blog post from a very special mom!

Tonya Keating is the mom of last year’s Umthunzi’s Fantastic Family Fun Fishing Weekend winner, little Tia Keating.

Last year, Tonya and the rest of the Keating clan had an epic stay with us and they’re going to be back this year to defend their title.

Here is a glimpse of the Keating’s fantastic family fun fishing experience from last year:


“The July school holidays are a time for the kids to take a break from school and for their parents and the rest of the working world to enjoy the calm, trafficless mornings.

For some, like myself, I bank my 15 days’ leave for the December festivities. My kids spend most of their time at home, and we try and go away on the weekends during this period so that they feel like they’ve had a bit of a holiday.

Then came the Umthunzi Fantastic Family Fun Fishing Weekend Competition!  

On a Friday afternoon, after work, the Keating family packed up and trekked off to Hibberdene, down on the South Coast, for a weekend of fun, fish, and sun.

The girls were very excited, and I am pleased to say that their expectations were more than just met.

We checked in and we were pleasantly surprised when we were ushered into a gorgeous family room. There were two bedrooms which entered into a lounge area.  How ideal!?  

The girls immediately selected their bunk beds, and then took a tour of the hotel, making sure that they took photos of themselves sitting in the massive chairs at the entrance!!

fantastic family fishing fun

The morning started bright and early on the beach with the Umthunzi staff supplying a delicious breakfast to the competitors.  

To the rest of the world, it’s summer all year round in KZN, but for those that live here, it was chilly!  

However, the overcast inclement weather was not going to affect the excitement and competitiveness.

My little Tia caught the first Tobi, and that was it – GAME ON!  

fantastic family fishing fun

The sisters were adamant that they were not going to be outdone, and so the competition heated up.  So much so that even Mom and Dad decided to register to get in on the fun!!

fantastic family fishing fun

As the fish started coming in, the more the excitement grew.  I even managed to catch two on my rod, one shot!  No matter how small the catch, there is nothing like the feeling of your rod nodding, and you land a fish.  “Too Cool for School”!  

So the winning of prizes is always enjoyable, but the weekend at Umthunzi far outweighed any prize we could have won.  Quality time with family at a quality place. What more could I possibly ask for?  

Thank you to Ryan Ringo and his incredible team for their exceptional hospitality.  I must be honest; the fantastic family fun fishing was a blast! My husband and I felt like kids again! We will definitely be back this year, to defend our title, and hopefully bag a prize or two again!” – Tonya Keating






To take on the Keating’s and to get in on the fun, join us at the Fantastic Family Fun Fishing Weekend this year. 


fantastic family fishing fun


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