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It’s 2018. According to the Jetsons, we should all be getting about in flying cars, have robots cleaning our living room, and printers would be printing dinner instead of paper by now. Sadly, our cars are still very much dictated to by gravity, we’re still cleaning our own living rooms and the last time we tried 3D printing Nutella it didn’t work out so well but on the bright side, conference food trends have evolved! 

As another busy year of conference events unfolds at the hotel, we thought we would look at the conference food trends we think, will be keeping guests well fed across the world!


Our Top 5 Conference Food Trends for 2018: 



1. Cutting Down On Waste


conference food trends Aside from the standard recycling methods we all strive to maintain, kitchens worldwide are looking at reducing their food waste by reusing ingredients and offcuts that usually get tossed aside in a bin somewhere.

Luckily, a lot of these recipes taste pretty darn great (or so we’ve heard!)! Pickled watermelon rinds, beet green chimichurri and vegetable salads that include broccoli stalks are some of our favourites! The food isn’t only healthy for you, but for the environment too!



2. Not All Protein Needs To Be Meaty


Unless your name ends in Trump and begins with Donald, it’s pretty clear that climate change is here to stay. Just ask your nearest Capetonian. With the worst drought in 1,000 years gripping the Western Cape, it’s pretty clear that we need to be more eco-friendly in all that we do.

Agriculture for example certainly takes its toll on the environment. Meaning that chef’s the world over have begun adopting more grain sustainable proteins that are just as good for your body as they are for the environment.

Cricket powder and algae (no, that’s not a typo – we really mean algae) for example are two big protein trends already making their way onto conference menus across the world.

We might not be introducing algae as an appetiser at Umthunzi just yet, but we’re all for a more sustainable approach that looks after the beautiful environment we find ourselves in here on the South Coast!



3. Eating Green


conference food trends

It’s probably clear by now that vegetables are going to be the true star of 2018. The likes of broccoli and brussel sprouts are no longer a side act, but very much the stars this year.

Chef’s and businesses throughout the industry have begun using healthy ingredients in a number of creative ways. With more people requiring vegetarian and vegan dishes at conferences, expect to see healthy alternatives creeping into every corner of conferencing menus. Matcha glazed doughnuts anyone?



4. Fermented Foods


conference food trends In case you haven’t noticed yet, the majority of this year’s trends are likely to focus on keeping things healthy. According to the foodies, one of the best ways to do so is incorporate more fermented foods into our diets.

Fermented foods are well known to be healthy, packing a whole bunch of probiotics and enzymes that are great for your gut. Whether it’s kombucha tea, some miso, sauerkraut or even pickles, expect to see more fermented treats working their way into dining rooms and dishes throughout international conferences this year.



5. It’s Not Just Local That’s Lekker!


Enjoy a spicy dish or two? Apparently so does the rest of the world! 2018 we think, is likely to be a mini international food revolution!

Dishes from the Middle East and the Philippines are already proving popular at conferences in the USA and Europe this year, with the wide bouquet of spices and colours offering an exciting addition to conferencing menus!

Now that you know about the conference food trends for 2018, why don’t you check out the other conference trends that are set to make headlines in 2018? 

Do you think any of these trends will make their way to South African conferences soon? Feel free to leave us a comment in the section below!


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