We know that being the Maid of Honour can be a daunting task which certainly comes with a few trial and error moments, especially for first timers. It is, however, a truly exciting time and even if you don’t consider yourself to be an expert at planning and organising events, you were chosen as the maid of honour by the bride for a reason and therefore you should feel special. Whether you’re the bride’s best friend or sister, if you feel way in over your head, do not fear. We’ve provided you with the top tips on how to be the best MOH, ever.

Accompany her to Wedding Appointments

Tips on How to Be The Best Maid of Honour, Ever.

What a great excuse to spend some quality time together! As the maid of honour, it’s important for you to be present, to make time and to offer to help where help is needed. Accompanying the bride to various appointments is a great way of getting involved and showing your support. Even if the bride doesn’t ask, offering to accompany her won’t hurt. The bride might want you to go with her to decor and event meetings, venue visits and of course dress fittings. During this stressful yet exciting time in her life, she’ll definitely appreciate your opinion and enjoy spending valuable time together before she gets hitched.

Offer to Pay for Your Dress

Traditionally, it’s the bride’s obligation to pay for the bridesmaid’s dresses, but in today’s modern world, we understand that times can be tough, especially when the economy doesn’t play along. It is your duty as the maid of honour to help out where you can and offering to pay for your dress is a sweet gesture that can relieve the bride of extra stress. Even if she insists on paying for all the dresses, at least she knows that you truly care about her and she’ll love you for your generosity.

Get the Bridesmaids Active and Involved

Tips on How to Be The Best Maid of Honour, Ever.

As the MOH, you’re the leader of the pack and it is your job to make sure that everyone is bringing their bit to the table. Sometimes, some of the bridesmaids have never met each other before so in order to avoid any awkward silences, it’s a good idea to plan a get-together for the bridesmaids before the pre-wedding events take place. This way the bridesmaids can have some time to know each other. In order to get your bridesmaids involved, ask them to help you plan the bachelorette party by delegating different tasks. This will make your job easier and the bridesmaids will appreciate being able to contribute.

Throw an Amazing Bachelorette Party

Tips on How to Be The Best Maid of Honour, Ever.

Tradition says it’s the maid of honour’s most important duty to plan the hen’s night, with help from the bridesmaids. Before you start, it’s a good idea to find out from the bride what she has in mind. You may have planned a crazy night at a club and she might have imagined a high tea event that her mother and grandmother can attend. It’s important to be on the same page in order to avoid any disappointment. It’s also the MOH’s job to make sure that the bridesmaids contribute to the financial payments of the bachelorette party, understanding that not everyone can donate the same amount. Whether you’ve planned a weekend away, a spa day treatment or a wild night out, it will be an amazing time spent together making unforgettable memories!

Be her right-hand Woman on the Day

This means helping her get dressed, making sure she eats breakfast and snacks, calming her jitters, making sure the bridal party looks perfect, helping her with the wedding photoshoot, being there for any general enquiries from her guests, being on drunk patrol and being enthusiastic throughout the day. Remember, you were chosen by the bride for a reason, so now is your time to shine and to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Write an Unforgettable Reception Speech

Tips on How to Be The Best Maid of Honour, Ever.

We know that saying a speech in front of all the guests is nerve-wracking, but it will be over before you know it. The best advice is to be prepared, even if you just write down a few key points on a piece of paper to stay on topic. Talk about how special the bride is to you, how happy you are to see her getting married, why the bride and the groom make a perfect couple etc. Try to leave the embarrassing jokes for the hen party. As always, keep it short and sweet and most importantly, speak from your heart.

We’d love to work with you to create your dream wedding. If you have any questions leave a comment below and we’ll happily assist.

Tips on How to Be The Best Maid of Honour, Ever.


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