Trendy Wedding Bouquet Ideas That Won’t Blow Your Budget

by | Oct 22, 2018

If you’re a bride on a budget, you need to know about these trendy (and inexpensive) wedding bouquet ideas.

There’s no doubt about it, wedding flowers are expensive, so, naturally, you’ll want to cut down costs where you can. We’ve rounded up some of the trendiest bouquet ideas that won’t break the bank to help you out. From mini bouquets to floral hoops, there are plenty of awesome designs and styles to choose from.

Here are a few trendy wedding bouquet ideas that won’t blow your budget.

Mini bouquet

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially when it comes to bouquets. Take your cue from Meghan Markle and have your florist create a small bouquet that fits comfortably in one hand. Not only is this guaranteed to look adorable, but it’ll let the other elements of your ensemble, like your gorgeous wedding dress, take centre stage.

A bigger bouquet isn’t always better


Dried flower bouquet

Flowers past their prime can look just as amazing as fresh blooms! Ask your florist if they have any dried flowers on hand, or, if you’re feeling crafty, go ahead and dry some out yourself! Add a few cotton branches, feathers and a rustic-chic wrap, and voila! You’ve got a stunning, unique bridal bouquet to carry down the aisle.

Dried flower wedding bouquet

Wildflower bouquet

Peony and rose bouquets are the epitome of elegance and luxury, but if you’re looking for a trendy idea that looks just as good but costs half as much, go with a wildflower arrangement. Blooms like baby’s breath and bellflowers are a fraction of the cost but can look just as amazing with the right wrap and greenery. While they’ve always been a fan favourite for rustic countryside affairs, they’re becoming more and more popular at extravagant, upscale celebrations.

Wildflower wedding bouquet

Greenery bouquet

Most bouquets incorporate a few vines, sprigs and leaves, but if you really love the natural look, why not go for a full bouquet of greenery? Ruscus, ivy, ferns, cedar, eucalyptus and more look absolutely stunning without the help of any flowers. We suggest incorporating a few different varieties to amp it up and make it worthy of your wedding.

Greenery wedding bouquet

Succulent bouquet

Ditch the classic flower bouquet and go with something super trendy – like a handheld arrangement filled with succulents and cacti. These are usually far less expensive than flowers and can really pack a punch visually. Pro tip: don’t choose anything spikey, or you’ll risk pricking yourself and your fiancé(e) with your bouquet.

Succulent wedding bouquet

Single flower bouquet

Yes, a bridal bouquet with dozens of different types of flowers can look amazing, but it’ll probably cost you a pretty penny. If you’re looking to save money, choose a single type of flower and use it for your entire bouquet. Really trying to keep costs down? Opt for a flower that’s locally grown and in-season, not tropical plants that have to be shipped in from far far away.

Single flower wedding bouquet

Garland bouquet

In the market for a dramatic bridal bouquet? A cascading garland will be right up your alley. Instead of tightly-packed flowers, your bouquet will be made from a strand of a few unique blooms and greenery. Remember, the shorter the garland, the less money you’ll need to spend! This new wedding trend also works well with faux flowers.

Garland wedding bouquet

Floral hoop

Floral hoops are super on-trend right now, so it’s the perfect option for the bride who wants to give their bouquet a modern spin. Head to your local craft store (or dollar store) and pick up a metal ring (they’re usually found in the aisle with the screws, glues and home improvement goodies, then ask your florist to add three or four inexpensive blooms along with some greenery. It doesn’t take much to make this bouquet look super cool and wedding-ready.

Floral hoop wedding bouquet

Alternative material bouquet

Another way to save money is to skip using flowers and greenery altogether. A bouquet made of fabric, gems, buttons, feathers or paper can be just as stunning as the real deal and, if you’re a bit crafty, can be DIYed at home. Dedicate some time to scrolling through Pinterest and YouTube tutorials and you’re bound to find something budget-friendly and beautiful.

Alternative material wedding bouquet

Alternative material wedding bouquet


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