face to face business meetings

With the world becoming smaller and smaller and more digital than we could have imagined, face to face interactions are becoming increasingly more valuable. Video calls, emails, Skype, Slack and the whole shebang of electronic communication are a great medium to initiate contact and meet new people, but it can’t be called a genuine interaction. Without face to face business meetings, the opportunity to build trust, engage, build rapport and develop a relationship are lost.

Here are three reasons as to why face to face business meetings are still important:


1. Relationship building and nurturing


face to face business meetings

In most businesses, deals are not only closed but agreed upon in a face to face interaction. When deciding to do business with another company, it’s important to determine if that company’s values and philosophies are aligned with your business’s. However, it’s very difficult to figure that out through social media, emails and video calls. A great example of how face to face business meetings can impact your business is the example of marketing agency PR 20/20. The CEO of PR 20/20 met marketing tech giant, HubSpot’s founders at a conference in 2008 and became their first agency partner. This relationship was initiated with calls and emails, but the relationship wouldn’t have grown, and the contract wouldn’t have been signed without the actual engagement. These physical interactions are also able to inspire positive emotion towards a company, its people, and the product. If someone has an emotional experience and feels a connection to a brand, they will be more inclined to purchase from or work with that brand.                                                                               

2. Showcasing your product or service


It is quite simple to place an advertisement that markets your product or service or to get promoters to hand out samples of what you are selling, but you are losing out on an immeasurable face to face time with your consumer. People may hear about you from others, they may see an advert on TV, and if the advert is good, they may think about trying your product or service out, but when they are face to face with you, and you are showcasing your product and giving them a sample of it, it will be very hard for them to say no. If you believe in your project, they will see that, and they will be more inclined to use your services. Face to face business meetings are essential as they give potential clients an insight as to who you are and what you do. The information that they require comes straight from the horse’s mouth. A great example of the ROI that you can get from this type of meeting is that of Grace Hightower De Niro. Grace is the founder of New York-based coffee company Coffee of Grace, and she rode with a company truck, handing out samples of her coffee, as it traveled around Manhattan over National Coffee Day weekend.Her efforts paid off: Coffee of Grace enjoyed an increase in sales from the campaign, and she also got feedback from her consumers, such as increasing the variety of gift sets offered from one to seven. Having a conversation with your customers also allows you to find out from them what works and what they want and how you can enhance their experience and better their buyer’s journey.                                                                                                                               

3. Get personal


face to face business meetings

Nobody likes to feel like just another number or just another face in the crowd. They crave that personal touch and undivided attention. A face to face interaction will help you gauge what your consumer needs, what is most fitting to them and what the best way to give it to them is. Gone are the days of standard packages and products; everything is personalized now. You can also use the time to get to know them better and to better prepare for the next engagement you may have. Knowing someone on a more personal level will get them more comfortable, more vulnerable and more susceptible to sign or agree to a deal. 

There are many other reasons as to why the face to face business meetings are still imperative to business, but we are confident that the three we have listed are enough to convince you. Go ahead and book your next interaction at our hotel, and who knows, you could be on the verge of signing your next big deal!


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