Staff Gallery

A well-known quote says:

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved

(Mattie Stepanek)

Introducing you to the hard working Umthunzi team!

Headed up by Mr Ryan Ringo as GM who so efficiently and effectively leads this amazing group of people, very ably backed up by the dedicated Mr/s Cornel and Anri van Zyl making up the Umthunzi management trio. Our various teams in the kitchen, bar, restaurant, housekeeping and maintenance all are focused on this vision, with people we are proud to call Umthunzi staff.

The Umthunzi service vision is this:  To delight you, the most honoured and welcome guests!”

The Umthunzi team works with dedication and with enthusiasm to create a place where you, like they do, feel that Umthunzi is “home away from home” where you can settle down to

“Refocus, Explore and Relax”!


An Exclusively Upmarket, Affordable Venue

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