Privacy Policy


The Protection of Personal Information Act, Act 4 of 2013 (‘POPI’) and the Consumer Protection Act, Act 68 of 2008 (‘the CPA’) prescribes requirements to be met by the parties – these are stipulated below:    

Parties who complete and sign the Clorpique (30) Pty Ltd, trading as UMTHUNZI Guest Registration Card (‘the Client’) and deemed to give their voluntary, specific and informed consent that UMTHUNZI may:

  • process my personal information (both terms as defined in POPI), which processing includes amongst others the ‘collecting, storing and dissemination’ of my personal information (as defined in POPI);
  • share my personal information with third parties who provide services and products ancillary to the products and services I have obtained and will obtain from UMTHUNZI;
  • approach me with business opportunities, promotional events, special offers and sales pertaining to any merchandise that UMTHUNZI may be selling or promoting at the time, which approach may be by direct marketing (as defined in POPI) or otherwise;

The Client furthermore warrant that such information is accurate, relevant, up to date and complete and the Client undertake to advise UMTHUNZI forthwith and in writing of any material change of such information

The parties agree that:

  • The consent will remain of full force and effect until withdrawn in writing by the Client;
  • The Client may withdraw or qualify such consent by advising the Supplier in writing at any time;
  • The Client may at any time in writing amend his personal information or request the Supplier to delete his personal information and such deletion or change must be carried out forthwith and in the case of deletion, the Supplier must provide adequate proof that the personal information has been deleted

The Client furthermore gives my voluntary, specific and informed consent that UMTHUNZI may send the Client direct marketing (as defined the CPA) subject to the following:

  • The Client may at all times to pre-emptively block any communication;
  • The Client may at all times request the Supplier to discontinue any form of direct marketing and the cost of communicating such request will be at the expense of the Supplier;
  • Any direct marketing must only be communicated to the Client during the hours authorized in the regulations issued in terms of the CPA;
  • The information contained in the communication must only relate to goods or services similar to that which the Client has purchased from UMTHUNZI or its suppliers;
  • Each direct marketing communication must contain a provision giving me a reasonable opportunity to object, ‘free of charge & in a manner free of unnecessary formality’ to use of the Client’s electronic details


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