Wouldn’t it be nice if all brides and grooms took all of the advice that they pay wedding planners to give them and actually followed it? But they don’t, and it is always interesting to see who listens. Along with everything that a bride must do, there are a few things a bride certainly shouldn’t do on her wedding day.

New Makeup

Today is not the day to try out the new foundation you’ve picked up from MAC. Rather stick to your faithful beauty products, or take the professional makeup artist’s advice. Make sure you have a trial session with the makeup artist at least three weeks, but no more than 5 weeks, before your wedding.

Insider tip: Wear a white t-shirt when having your makeup trial session, that way you can see how the makeup looks against a pale colour and take a picture of yourself in daylight (with no flash) to see how it looks before you purchase anything.

New Shoes (or heels)

10 Things A Bride Should Never Do At Her Wedding

The last thing you want on the best day of your life is to wobble down the aisle or deal with blisters. Buy you shoes well in advance so that you have time to break them in for maximum comfort at the wedding. Or better yet, wear flats if your dress covers your shoes. Why? You run a lower risk of tripping, you will have the best height ratio and it’s different!

Insider tip: Blast your shoes with a hairdryer, as odd as that sounds,  is a good way to make the shoes a little more comfortable and blister-proof for your big day. Before you go for anywhere near that plug, please make your shoes are heat resistant. We take no responsibility for melted wedding shoes!

Alcohol (Do not drink more thank you can handle)

10 Things A Bride Should Never Do At Her Wedding

A few glasses of bubbly is fine, in fact, it’s encouraged, but many brides tend to overdrink. Rather get one of your bridesmaids to remind you to drink lots of water in order to stay hydrated. The wedding day is a culmination of months of stress and nerves and it’s normal to want to down an entire bottle with your bridesmaids, but this is a recipe for disaster. A few things to consider before drinking: the In-Laws, the videographer and photographer, YouTube, memories and your dress.

Spill on Your Dress (anything that could stain)

Stay away from anything that could spoil your lovely wedding dress. From red wine, tomato sauce and pasta, to melted chocolate. Big no no. However, if you are going to indulge in messy food, be extremely cautious!

Whine and Complain (to guests)

10 Things A Bride Should Never Do At Her Wedding

Remember, you are the one who chose the caterer and the menu and-and-and. If the quality is not up to your standards, talk to the chef directly or assign your maid of honour to do so (quietly and in private). They want you to be happy and if you’re polite and do not try to humiliate them, they’ll do their best to make you happy. Avoid your guests badmouthing you.

Rudeness (Don’t be a bridezilla)

Indeed, it is your wedding and it is your day and you are the bride. That, however, doesn’t give you a license to be rude or inappropriate about anything with your family, friends or guests. In fact, if you misbehave, that will be the most memorable and talked about part of your entire wedding. Don’t embarrass yourself. You’ll be sorry.

Complicated Lingerie

Save the tricky lingerie for the honeymoon. You are going to need to use the bathroom at some point on the wedding day and it is going to be a mission and a half to use the toilet with your Disney princess gown. Why add extra hassle by wearing complicated, fancy, Rubix cube lingerie that takes five bridesmaids and a chainsaw to remove? Simplicity is key.

Not Acknowledging Your Guests

10 Things A Bride Should Never Do At Her Wedding

As silly as it seems, you need to ensure that you greet your guests. In most cases the bride and groom will stand at the end of a receiving line after the ceremony, this ensures the couple can greet all of their guests. However, if you want to skip straight to the reception, then consider making the rounds while guests are seated at their tables. However you decide to do it, try your best to greet everyone and thank them for coming. This is especially important for your out-of-town guests, let them know you appreciate them making the trip to be there on your big day.

Glueing to Your Phone

In as much as you would want to capture your precious moments, there is a reason why you are paying the photographer. Avoid high-maintenance guests calling you for unnecessary last minute queries and do not over commit. By having a team to worry about everything else on the big day, you will be present in the moment on your special day. Phones away, let the good times roll.


It is interesting how some brides and grooms skip registering for gifts in hopes of getting cash gifts. It’s extremely bad etiquette if a guest wishes to give you a money-based gift they will. It’s great if people offer money, but asking for it makes you look greedy. Accept any present with thanks and grace, even if it wasn’t on the registry.

In the midst of all of the fun and celebration, be sure to take a few moments to look over at the person you’re pledging your life to and reflect on the amazing journey that lies ahead of you both – remember the reason you are there.

10 Things A Bride Should Never Do At Her Wedding

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