family holiday

We live in a time where it is so easy to connect digitally but results in us disconnecting from reality. We are unable to make time to visit and spend with family, we celebrate birthdays and special occasions over Skype and FaceBook and we have forgotten the art of face to face human interaction.

There probably aren’t many people out there who don’t enjoy a holiday and more especially, a family holiday. We may stay with or nearby family but that doesn’t necessarily result in us having quality time with one another. We may see each other in passing in the passageway or share quick pleasantries at the breakfast table but we never really get the chance to connect deeper.

The benefits of a family holiday are well documented and more recently, there has been scientific evidence to back up some of these claims. We will divulge into the main advantages of taking a family vacation.




1. Pre and post-holiday happiness:

Holidays are normally planned in advance and the anticipation for the upcoming getaway results in the brain giving off more ‘feel-good’ hormones than normal. These hormones are likely to make one less stressed, more happy, more sharp at work and increased performance at school and give one a general sense of contentment. This effect also lasts for a few weeks post holiday.


2. Relationship nurturing:

family holiday

A getaway from the mundane routine of daily life is a wonderful mechanism to cultivate bonds between family members and to strengthen ties. Being on holiday means that everyone is away from their everyday stresses and can be more involved with each other. It enables you to learn more about one another and to learn from each other, increases awareness of each other, we learn tolerance of each other whilst on holiday and we also learn to accept and respect each other more.


3. Disconnect from technology:

You are with your nearest and dearest so you don’t need to be keeping in touch with too many other people. Get the children off their devices and social media platforms as well. A disconnect from technology will also help you realise the importance of face to face, hearty conversations. Without technology, you will be forced to spend more time with each other.


4. Photos:

This one requires a bit of a balance. Most people’s best memories are created during family holidays and we all love to capture these moments. Be sure to take lots of photos together and photos of all the memorable adventures but do not go overboard and forget to be in the moment. Take the photos for yourself and for the family album rather than for your social media pages. Taking photos to post on social media will result in the impossible mission for ‘perfection’ – as dictated to us by our fellow social media users. Steer clear from taking too many selfies as this may bring out the narcissist in you!


5. Trying new things:

family holiday

There is no safer and more comfortable feeling than being with your family. Being on a family holiday also means that you are more relaxed than usual and generally more open to new ideas. Family vacations are the opportune time to do something you haven’t done. Get each person in the family to pick out an activity that they enjoy and then everyone has to participate in said activity. This will give you an insight to what other family members enjoy as well.


6. Educational:

Holidays are almost always learning experiences. Use your holiday to teach your kids and perhaps yourself about other cultures, learn about the geography of the place, learn about local cuisine and come back a more learned being.

The above are just a few but very meaningful benefits of taking a family holiday. We hope that your next holiday leads you to the South Coast, where you will experience all the benefits above and more.


family holiday

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