6 Top Tips to Host the Perfect Year End Function

We smell it in the air and hear it in the chitter chatter of the birds, Spring has finally arrived! Which can only mean one thing, with only 3 months left in 2016, and Year End Functions are around the corner. We all know that when your boss assigns you the task of planning the Year End Function, you don’t exactly jump for joy. Planning events can be daunting and so we’ve provided you with the 6 Top Tips to host the perfect Year End Function.

1. Plan in Advance


There’s nothing worse than having to plan a function and not being able to pull out all the stops because you’ve run out of time. Your colleagues and boss won’t be impressed, to say the least. Planning in advance is key. It will leave you with enough time to develop a budget, decide on location, theme and menu, send out invitations and so on. Time is also important for paying attention to the nitty gritty details. If your caterers or entertainment for the evening decide to drop you, you’ll have enough time to come up with a plan B.

2. Set a Realistic Budget

The second order of business is to find out exactly how much you’re allowed to spend. That way you can easily decide how much to spend on each aspect of the function, that being the venue, decor, menu, entertainment, staff gifts, alcohol etc. Once you’ve developed your budget, stick to it religiously and constantly refer back to it when making purchases and decisions. Your boss might decide to take your Christmas bonus if you ‘accidentally’ overspend.

3. Find the Perfect Venue

umthunzi function venue

A function venue can make or break your event and is often what people talk about the next morning while painfully fighting through the obligatory Year End Function hangover. Comments such as ‘Look at the view!’ and ‘Look at the pretty lights’ are what you want to hear. A good idea is to get quotes from 3 different venues to make sure you get the best value for your money. You can choose between a local or destination venue. A local venue is in a location that’s near to your office, making it easy for your colleagues to reach the destination. While a destination venue, usually a hotel, allows everyone to spend the night and party to their heart’s content. Once you’ve decided on a venue, do a thorough walk through to make sure it is absolutely perfect.

4. Decide on a Killer Theme

What’s a Year End Function without a theme? Themes are always fun, create an awesome atmosphere and are the perfect icebreakers for starting up a conversation with that one colleague you always awkwardly smile at in the office but never actually talk to. It’s best to keep the theme simple and easy to work with, you ultimately don’t want your colleagues to spend too much cash on finding an outfit. Remember to allocate money in your budget for decor that will go well with your theme.

5. Food Specifications are Important


When deciding on a menu or catering, make sure you’re fully aware which of your colleagues eat what. Gluten-free, Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan and Lactose-Intolerance specifications need to be considered. This will make your colleagues feel special and remind them that they work for a company who cares about their needs.

6. Team-building Activities For The Win

When the Year End Function comes to an end, you ultimately want your colleagues to feel united and remember the sense of camaraderie lingering in the air, even long after the event has passed. Team-building activities are a must and will create a much needed fun environment after a long year of hard work.

There you have it, with these top tips on how to host the perfect Year End Function, you’ll jump at the opportunity to plan your boss’ next corporate event.  



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Ryan Ringo

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