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Hello fans.  Welcome to Spring!  It’s a fantastic day here on the coast…blue skies, wide sea and blossoms everywhere! So, whilst sitting here (waiting to pretend to sleep while waiting for my 18 month old to fall asleep), I find myself inspired to put thoughts down for my latest blog! My last blog got my memories going!

Recently I had a lengthy Skype session with my marketing team and was driving the topic of Year- End Functions coming up. We added this year’s menu options and the idea of the “classic” menu versus the “executive” menu.  Both will be delicious! This got me thinking of the options and reasons for year-end functions. There is the benefit to a company to have staff & management relax and connect, with enjoyment and camaraderie. And of how a company can grow in strength from the team getting together, having a few leveling drinks, maybe a stay over and a little  Teambuilding to add to the people’s sense of “we are a team”.

And then this led to me thinking how I can offer more to the hotel, add value and look to where and what we can offer you to make us better.  I looked back over 2016 at what we have offered already, too many functions to mention.  For example, recently we had a fun Bridal Shower (with a fun MAD HATTERS theme with a little Alice-in-Wonderland dress for the bride to be).  And some happy Weddings too, we love being the place where love ties the knot! One can’t but get excited at the way people enjoy being here.

Functions @ Umthunzi are certainly growing in popularity and we would love you to choose us.


Just before I left to play a medal round at Port Shepstone Country Club golf course let me tell you, for those who don’t know what “medal” is. You have to hit every shot until the ball drops in the hole. So, after shooting a 90 off a 16 handicap (not a bad achievement other than shooting a 10 on the 16th), I wondered what else I can offer….and I have to say, look forward to the INCLUSIVE PACKAGES about to hit the Umthunzi offering!  And this would include some awesome golfing options (wink wink)

Today I received a mail from a guest from a previous hotel I worked at, asking if I remember her and her husband.  I said I did. How could I forget a man/boy who strived to assist in making my transition from Merchiston to College in PMB, memorable and worthwhile?  And from this chat she then drove all the way from Ballito (that’s some 1 hour 30mins) to have a meeting about her 40th in May next year!  All I can share is that there will be some great wine and even better burger braai, with a DJ and some form of getting wet in the pool!

Whilst I find reasons to make you choose me and my hotel for your Year End Function, party or possible golf tour, let me bring to light a new wine.  It was tasted on Tuesday night at a fantastic wine evening. Called the “La Bri Merlot”, it’s well worth getting a bottle. Whilst I sipped it I was talking to a past staff member who told me how hard I was on him but how it made him as good as he is today.

So… let’s drink some wine, play some golf and give me a call to plan your Year End function or next birthday party!

I look forward to seeing you soon! ‘Til then….

Ryan Ringo

Ryan Ringo

General Manager

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