A letter from our General Manager, Ryan Ringo

Happy New Year, or Happy Level 2 – but to be honest, we are just happy to have managed to get here, and I am grateful for all your support, follows, and messages – Umthunzi is blessed, and we look forward to having you all visit us soon under the new regulations, we are even able to offer you a chilled beverage, the ones you have been asking for!


So as I say hello from my desk, I hope this message or words of script find you all well, surviving in the new normal we call COVID-19, and for those who have not managed that, our thoughts go out to you, our prayers to those who have lost loved ones and those who have not survived this trying and testing time.


You’ll be happy to know that your favourite Hotel, Umthunzi is open for business, well, to be honest, we have been open for a while, but we are finally allowed for you to Stay Your Way, and welcome all our regular visitors and guests back to your home away from home.

We are COVID Compliant and prepared to ensure your stay is hassle and carefree, in the safety of all that is needed to ensure you remain able to continue with your needs whilst we look after the rest.


When I last dropped you a line, I was recently engaged and loving life, well that is still very much the case, and if not even stronger than before – we have moved into a larger house to accommodate our 3 growing children and probably more in love than I could ever imagine possible – she really is my Soul Mate, and all I can say is that I am blessed to have her in my life, and choosing me. Jamie-Lee our 14-year-old daughter achieved an academic distinction for all her hard work during lockdown with the online learning – this is a great achievement and I’m sure we will see even higher accolades achieved in the near future. Her singing and piano ability is beyond measure and I am excited and maybe a little concerned that the boys are right behind her, so there might be a family band soon….. Ronan is excelling on all sporting levels that he has been able to do as well as recently winning the South Coast Herald Junior Sports Personality of Lockdown, although his relaxed attitude sometimes drives this hotel manager to drink, it adds a relaxing point of view when it is needed. Lastly, but by no means least, Braedyn has grown so much, he enjoyed his homeschooling, but being back has allowed him to excel again, his ability with the piano at the age of 5 and a half (as I get told often) is outstanding, and later this month he will have his first karate grading! The Questions have become more prolific as I was warned with a little boy – well not so little anymore but it is sure a pleasure to be able to watch our kids grow and achieve greatness!


Phume welcomed to this world a beautiful baby girl – Letoya, she is already starting to have her mom’s charm, which is driving her dad nuts! But we are happy to have her back manning the front desk and welcoming you back. Jackie & Jaco have been blessed to be expecting a little bundle of joy as well as tying the knot, so when you receive a mail with  Jacqueline Smit in the signature, it is still our lovely lady, just with a wonderful new name, and well, man attached!


Arno and Ruan are also coming along nicely, other than wanting to return to school for Arno, more to get out the house – him and dad have been catching some great fish as well as some rock life – Ruan is maybe becoming a little man earlier than mom would want, with a reluctance to brush his teeth, although the local dentist is happy with all the neighbors now booking appointments after hearing his mom explain to him vocally why it was needed.


All in all, the hotel is here, we are offering some great specials, and ready to adapt to your needs, as you have them, we are waiting for your visit and look forward to hosting you. We are ready to change our offering as and when we are allowed to during these trying times – just drop us a line and let us help you – business, leisure, or whatever else you might need, the team is ready and waiting.


















Until we see you, or I get a chance to drop you another line, take care, stay safe, do what is needed and we will see you soon.

Ryan Ringo

General Manager

Umthunzi Hotel & Conference

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