A letter from our General Manager, Ryan Ringo

Happy April, Joyful Lockdown and Happy New Year – well maybe not in that order – but hello none the less to all of my followers and those who might find the time to read my thoughts as I take the time to put them to paper.

I hope that this blog finds you all safe, secure and spending time with loved ones in the forced lockdown in South Africa and the rest of the World, we are in most uncertain times, with most of us not knowing what the future holds, or how we will refrain from eating all the food in the fridge during tomorrow’s plans – but the one thing that we need to remember is to stay positive, and take each day at a time.



For now, I think let me share my news, as it has been since last you heard from me – lots of exciting times – the fishing front with Cornel has been good, Golf also not bad for both Kim and I, I was lucky enough to be able to represent Southern Natal Nomads at our Annual Nationals held this year at East London, and although I was Steady Eddie – this assisted our Team into winning the Elusive Bert Hunt Trophy, which is a trophy contested between the 12 clubs, and it is the first time we at Southern Natal have been able to hold it high in the last 20 years, 2 new babies in the Umthunzi Family and another in the oven – this all happened before the lockdown.



January and February were good months for the hotel, and we hosted some lovely functions and events, as well as local and traveling conferences, these we did to the best of our ability and hope, once we are back to normal, we have them return – currently, the hotel is in lockdown, with 3 staff members, using it as their home during this period, ensuring that daily tasks are completed and that when we are given the green light, we can open and receive all our new and returning guests.



Our Craft Event has had to be postponed but we will be getting a new date out there as soon as we can, this is definitely going to happen, as Haley has worked hard at getting some exciting new items to be showcased on the night – we will keep you posted.



I was also very blessed, because, at the end of last year, I got to know someone a little bit more than before, fell head over heals in love with her, and realized that she was the pot for my being the lid – it has been an amazing journey and every minute an adventure – sometimes you just know when something is right, very similar to when I took the job at Umthunzi – getting to be able to share my life with Diana has allowed me to find me again, amongst all the noise – and on the day the president of SA let us know about the lockdown, I was sitting in the Wine Cellar at Granny Mouse – doing a food and wine pairing with the Food & Beverage manager there, discussing how as a singular dish or glass of wine are great by themselves, but together they partner into something even better – a marriage of sorts – and I took this gap to drop to my knee and propose and with that, she said yes, so this in amongst all the issues of the world, should show you that love will conquer all, and never give up!


So from my room, in the house I am lucky enough to be locked down in, I send you this inspirational turn of phrase.



Take care, be safe, remember – being at home has its advantages – Dance like NO one is watching, Love like you have never been hurt, Sing like no one is listening, and LIVE like it is heaven on earth – for those who are involved in the essential services, especially our Doctors and Nurses – you are the true heroes and we thank you for all you are doing to get us through this.

I look forward to seeing you all in the near future, at the hotel or on the course.

Ryan Ringo

General Manager

Umthunzi Hotel & Conference

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