Hello to my loyal readers, and to the new ones that might come across my blog – I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you have amazing time with your loved ones at this yearend – I think it is safe to say, reading all the social posts, 2019 wasn’t for the faint of heart, it was a tough year, of blood sweat and tears, but we survived and have come out at the end alright.


So news on the floor since the last blog, all our families have got a little bigger with a little more attitude and personalities coming to the front, all are doing well – we have had 2 new addition though, Nok’s in the restaurant and Promise in Housekeeping, 2 expected from Tracy who does our public areas & Phume at reception. Braedyn & Ruan are moving into grade 00, and boy oh boy, they are proving that boys are most definitely wilder than girls – so the Umthunzi Family continues to grow, with the next generation of Hoteliers hot in the mix!

On the Sporting front, Kim is still holding the Umthunzi Flag high representing KZN ladies B team, and still bringing the winnings home – My golf went from great too bad, and then back to ok, until November, where I was blessed, and definitely a little rub of the green, I won our Monthly Nomads game at Umkomaas, where Umthunzi is the day sponsor.

Followed this up with a Win with my Best Mate Dr D’Arcy at the Beekman classic at Port Shepstone Country Club, and finished the year, with our Nomads Gold Cup, where I won the A Division Eclectic for the Year, and Overall Winner – however, the Highlight was Winning the Champion of Champions for Southern Natal Nomads!

I do love this humbling sport of Golf, and chasing that little white ball around the park.

Cornel has hit the Ocean, and after several blanks, he finally got into his catching ways and landed a few Dorado’s and way more Tuna than a person could use!

The Hotel has had a good year, we have exceeded our expectations, through hard work, dedicated marketing, and sales ventures, working on the business rather than in it, and an exceptional team – we have had special events such as the Dolphins & Knights cricket teams stay with us, large conferences, visiting officials from the USA, local officials and families on holiday – our Craft Event was 450 strong, and with 127 different beverages to taste, I can say my head wasn’t as sharp as it should have been the following morning – Our FFFF weekend was a hit, amazing weather, great fishing and even better evening of fun! Our Country Themed Evening took us to the wild west, and the sheriff assisted in trying some bourbon, great evening and amazing entertainment by The Gentry.

It was all about Amazing Craft Beer and great Entertainment in March:

An amazing FFFF Weekend in June:

We headed to the Wild, Wild West in November:



Looking into the future, we have our BEEEEG Special in Jan, an Amazing Valentines Special over that weekend to look out for, the 2020 Craft Event that will be amazing – Bigger and something new, as well as our regular specials and pop up events! Look forward to seeing you there.


Checking into the South Coast is most definitely a BEEEEG deal to us!



Create memories with us in 2020

Wrapping up, Take Care, and enjoy the seasonal festivities, and I look forward to seeing you at the hotel, or on the Golf Course in 2020.


Ryan Ringo

General Manager

Umthunzi Hotel & Conference

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